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A long time coming

As we enter the depths of fall time and a chill inevitably overtakes our home, I enter a deeper space with art. It's hard not too when you are glued to the couch with a cat using your body as a heater. I've been working on this piece for quite a while now. Possibly too long. However, it has demanded a certain patience and respect which I cannot by-pass. While my hopes are to lead the eye through the depths of his scaled face to fade off in the warm desert sand beyond, it's looking more and more like I must cater to each and every scale before I can be released. Here is a look at the long process which this has been, nearly a year in the making now. The journey must go on!

#workinprogress #WIP #digitalpainting #Procreate #gilamonster #reptile #wildlife #conservation

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